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Part Of The World Where Over 5 Million Birds Congregate In One Go

Sea birds also known as marine birds are one of the birds that like moving in colonies. They have a migratory nature whereby they move across the globe looking for a conducive climate. They don't often hatch but when that period comes, they take it seriously.

Annually, over 5 million seasons birds congregate in South America for mating. They spend the time together and grow their chicks together. Sea birds feed by catching fish at the shallow ends of the coast.

The birds are experts in fishing as they can dive into the water and feed on the fish and propel themselves out again. Their wings don't easily soak in water a thing that enables them to fly immediately they get out of the water.

When the time comes for them to move, the sea birds move as a swam to a new feeding ground depending on the seasons. For more exciting articles, like, share and follow the page.

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