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The Only Animal That Commits Suicide After It's Partner Dies And Here Is Why

The pain of loosing a partner is felt by everything from human beings to animals. Also animals feel the pain of losing its partner. But their is on animals that after losing its partner it also commits suicide.

The animal is called Dik - dik and they are the smallest species of Antelopes that are commonly found in the bushlands of East and Southern Africa. Dik-diks run very fast and they have high speed of running from its predators and they have a sharp ear for listening and they have small eyes but they can see very far.

In Kenya, Dik-diks are mostly found in Tsavo national park. They always walk in groups of two that is one female and a male. The two start a family and when their offsprings come to age they are chased away to fend for themselves.

Dik-diks have a bond that cannot be broken easily apart from death. They live a loyal life together until one partner dies and the other is left.The one left will experience loneliness and sadness to an extent that he or she will commit suicide so as to stop having those feelings.

They do not commit suicide in many ways just by killing themselves mostly they will decide to give itself to predators to eat it up. They do this just by not struggling to run away but they make it easy for the predators to catch them.

There is also another way they kill themselves by jumping off a clip to end their lives so that they can die and follow their dead partner. They have a short span life as they only live as little as four years estimate.

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