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Big Rats In Nairobi Are A Menace In Residential Estates

Rats in the city have always been a menace terrorizing even the biggest cities in the world. Paris, New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles are among the most affected. The invasion of rats in Nairobi has been on the rise with bigger rats hiding in the gutters and trash bins. Nairobi is not among the likes of clean cities in Africa such as Kigali and therefore this menace was expected.

These pests are mostly attracted by food droppings and strong aromas. Leftovers and poorly disposed garbage are a gold mine for these little monsters. Rats have a reputation for eating anything and most of the time they end up destroying furniture. The natural predator which is the cat has proven to be useless especially with big rats. These little beasts can climb walls, go through sewerage pipes and burrow in house furniture, clothes, electric wires, and utensils.

Diseases are also a common risk associated with rats. Rats carry and spread many deadly diseases such as hantavirus,  lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), and leptospirosis. These unhygienic animals can also nibble foodstuffs in the house leaving all sorts of bacterias on them.

With the mushrooming of residential areas in Nairobi hygiene in the estates has been thrown out of the window. This provides the rats with a suitable habitat to breed uncontrollably. Rats can give birth to up to 20 pups in one delivery. They also give birth after every three weeks. If you do your math right you will realize that if you have two mice in your house by the end of the year you will have a whole army of rats.

Rats are mostly attracted by untidy places, so if you don't like cleaning your premises once in a while then these visitors are probably sharing the house with you. Cleanliness goes a long way in preventing many house pests. Thank you for reading my article, please follow and share for more.

Content created and supplied by: JobOtworiblue (via Opera News )

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