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5 Creatures on the Beach That are Very Hard to Identify

Portuguese Man o’ War

This is an animal created or that comes from other smaller animals even though it looks more like a jellyfish. This animal is capable of producing painful sting that can even kill a fish. There were occasions where this creature killed humans; however this has not happened frequently. They live in Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

Cone snails

You must be very careful with some of these creatures that can be found on a beach, here is a poisonous snail. When you see a colorful shell, be careful because this might be a venomous snail and when disturbed they produce its harpoon and penetrate human skin. Small and brighter shells are less harmful but the bigger and brighter the shells, the more dangerous the snail is.

Beaked sea snake

This type of snake type of snake is known to be one of the most aggressive species among the sea snakes. The snake is actually a threat to a human life because of its poison. Although the hardly attack people, they may do so if they feel like they are in danger

Blue Dragon

The creature is also called blue glaucus and it is a sea slug that grows to a maximum of 3 centimeters long. As cute as it may look, this creature manages to feed on Portuguese man o’ war. The accumulate Portuguese man o’ war’s poison and they can use it to sting if they feel in danger, even just by being touched accidentally

Crown of Thorns starfish

Those spikes that look like thorns on this star fish are venomous; actually this is how the creature got its name. When it injects a human, they may have various unpleasant reactions like sharp pain on that site and nausea that may last for several days

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Atlantic Indian Ocean Portuguese Man o War


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