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The Country With The Largest Forest Cover in the World

Agro forestry is the planting and maintain of trees. We have two types of forests, planted forest and natural forest. Planted or artificial, was grown and cultivated with man himself while natural forest is the one that grows on its on, it does not need any form of maintenance for it to grow.

In Africa, many forests are natural, same to worldwide. The main type of natural forest found in Africa especially West Africa is tropical rain forest. In Africa, the country with the largest tropical rain forest cover is Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tropical rain forest in Democratic Republic of Congo covers at about 60% of Congo's Land. The forest is the home of almost all types of wild animals including birds and reptiles. It is also a refuge camp to human beings especially those fleeing from war and other domestic chaos.

It is the main source of livelihood to people who live around it as it mostly consist of hardwood trees hence good for timber and lumbering business.

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