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Ever Heard Of Mermaid (Half Fish Half Human Creature) Here Are The 7 Times Real Mermaids Were Found

The Greek mythology conceived of as half-bird and half-woman, gradually shifted to the image of a fish-tailed woman.

Some attributes of Homer's sirens and natural theories on origin of mermaid postulating they derive from sightings.

In this article, I will share seven instances that real mermaids were found and I will like to hear your response whether you agree or disagree with me in the existance of mermaids.

7. Gokwe, Zimbabwe

It was quite a strange thing when people started reporting they have seen mermaids. According to the media, they were harassing workers and this made workers to run away because of shock and scaredness of the creature they saw. The other team who was sent to finish the job also reported the same hence ran away thereby making the work to be postponed for a while.

6. Hispaniola, Carebbean Islands

In 1493, Christopher and his screw encountered a group of three mermaids that were swimming at the coast when he was in his voyege near penula.

5. South Island, New Zealand

Fishing is a popular habit and you expect fish on your net. And what if you find something strange?, this men thought they caught a female body but upon scientist examination,it's bone could not form a human body. After the forensics and other experts did their research, they concluded on possibility of the remains being of mermaids skeleton or acquatic humanoid.

4. Newark Bay, Scotland

In 1830, a woman saw this creature cutting sea weed, she was shocked and could not believe her eyes. She called people and a group of men rushest confirm the incident, but unfortunately, it managed to run away.

3. Kei Islands, Indonesia

In 1943, during World War Two Japanese soldiers admitted that they saw a small humanoid creature with spine on its neck in water. After speaking to the locals, they discovered that it was known as human fish yet no one believes they saw actual mermaid but the locals took the that story very seriously.

2. Kiryat Yam, Israel

In the town of Kiryat Yam there has been stories of mermaids and few people paid attention until a video surfaced online. They noticed something on the rock and the creature that has a tail and face quickly saw them and ran into the water.

1. South Africa

Mermaid (kaaiman) made a loud splashing and banging in the river scared people and they went to see what was happening in the water. Divers saw a woman with a pale skin and a long black hair. What was the most shocking were her bright-red eyes that appeared to be flowing. After the encounter the mermaid ran into water and was never seen again.

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