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Big catch,130 Kilograms Nile Perch Caught on Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is shared by three East African countries and goes further to support human life in North Africa countries through River Nile.

It's a source of income for the fishing communities around the lake. Residents fish with the obvious danger of hippocampus and crocodiles.

On Sunday, Eliud Osewe stunned residents when he emerged on the shores with his massive catch.

Osewe was on record with a local media saying he caught it with a fishing net. With the help of his two friends they struggled all the way to the shores.

Osewe was using a engine driven boat.

Kenyan's are still in shock over the unexpected size of the catch but Osewe lives to see his dreams, the photos have been shared online.

Lake Victoria is known to produce large fish in recent years although statistics are indicating on a drop due.

Increased human activities on on rivers draining to the lake have been mentioned as major causes of low water levels.

Some social media users are wondering whether that size of the fish is found in big numbers as it was before.

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