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New Tactics; How Poachers Find It Easy To Attack Wild Animals

Poaching has become rampant as the days go by. Poachers are seen to be more creative nowadays and the government find it hard to capture them. The poachers are mostly focused on the big five, elephants and rhinos.Not all spoors in the game parks belong to wild animals. Poachers have developed spoors too. From the photos taken, the poachers shoes are seen modified in such a manner that it could not be recognized when they walk around.They have fixed dead animals spoors on their shoes and thereby they got the freedom to walk around in the game park without being traced. From the view of things, the people doing these are brilliant, what they may be lacking is job to sustain their daily needs. They are seen to be more clever than those governing the game parks. This will make it hard for the rangers to discover them.To curb this issue, the government should provide job to the youngsters especially university graduates.

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New Tactics


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