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Check Out Five Plants That Feed On Animal

We all know that plants are supposed to be eaten by animals. Plants only require little things such as the sunlight, water, and nutrient which they get from the soil. However, there are few types of plants that fed on animals. In this piece am going to share with you five types of plants that fed on animals for survival. These types of plants live in areas where there are no nutrients thus they have to feed on small insects for them to survive.

1. Cobra lily

This is the first type of carnivorous plant and it's usually found in northern California and Oregon in the United States. The plant does not produce digestive enzymes. It relies on symbiotic bacteria and protozoa to break down the captured insects into easily absorbed nutrients.

2. Drosera

This is the most common type of carnivorous plant in the world. They are covered with a sticky substance known as tentacles. This substance shines when sunlights lands on it thus attracting insects. The insects get stuck on the plant which in turn starts the digestion process.

3. Utricularia

They have tiny- bladder-like sacs on the leaves that are used for trapping small insects. In addition to that, the sacs contain digestive enzymes which are used to break down the trapped inserts.

4. Butterwort

These types of carnivores plants have sticky hairs on their leaves that trap the insect. They hold them long enough to allow the digestive enzymes to suck fluids from the trapped insect.

5. Yellow Pitcher plants

They have the simplest mechanism of trapping insects. The leaves are filled with water during the rainy season. The inserts fly inside the leave in search of food but get trapped inside.

There are so many types of carnivores plants around the world. The video link below shows more animal-eating plants.

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Cobra lily Drosera


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