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Climate Change; Zebras Spotted Roaming Maralal CBD

A dazzle of zebras was spotted roaming the Maralal town in search for food due to the worsening drought in Samburu county. The animals have been leaving their habitat as a result of the very low rainfall amount received in the area.

This is not the first time animals have been spotted leaving their habitats due to worse environmental conditions. Human wildlife conflict has also increased.

A carcass of Elephant hit by a motorist along Nakuru-Naivasha highway.

Several factors have led to this. Industrialization has resulted to the need for more land to put up industries in wild animals habitats. Deforestation has led to varrying weather and climatic conditions affecting wild animals. Infrastructure such as construction of highways and rail roads across game reserves and game parks is also a factor.

Game hunting is also a minor factor as it has been fought in several decades leading to the awareness among local communities such as the Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania who kill lions during their initiation ceremony every year.

One major fact factor still affecting this is climate change. This not only affects wildlife but also humans. The rise of natural hazards such as floods due to the rising sea levels, drought, pests and some virulent diseases is attributed to climate change.

Climate change cannot be eradicated but it's rate can be reduced by technological innovations that reduce on the use of carbon and the emmision of carbon by products to the environment. This can be by increasing the price of carbon products to reduce its use. Electric Cars by Tesla is one of the recent innovations in fighting climate change.

Human - wildlife conflict has led to the death of both people and animals. The report, " A future for all _ the need for human wildlife coexistence", by UNEP and WWF, says that up to 75% of global killings of wildlife is the wild cat family and large herbivores like buffalos and elephants.

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Elephant Maralal Nakuru-Naivasha Zebras


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