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Two Places Where You Can Sell This Insert That Is Worth 9.7 Million Shillings

Most of us have never known that inserts can be sold. Today, am going to highlight two places where you can sell a common insert worth 9.7 million Kenyan shillings.

It was recently reported that stag Beetles are worth 9.7 million Kenyan shillings by the pulse live Kenya. Many people started searching for markets where they can sell these locally found insects.

Here are the two places where you can find a ready market for these inserts.

1. Insect marketplace

Search the above name in any web browser and open an account with them. This is a legit website where buying and selling of insects are done.

2. Insects

Visit this site on Google Chrome. Here they have specialized in selling insects only but sometimes they do purchase when they are out of stock.

One of the main reasons why these organizations purchase inserts is to safeguard the species from disappearing completely from the ecosystem. Another reason is they sell these inserts as pets to wealthy families.


Content created and supplied by: Osila (via Opera News )

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