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How Using Different Types of Beauty Products is Harmful to the Environment

Climate change is more of an emerging issue and more of an issue that is here to stay and that is why it is important to have a public discourse on it in a bid to enable everyone play a part in environment management.

Human activities, needs and wants have numerous direct and indirect effects on climate.

It could be food, raw materials for industries and in recent days ingredients for beauty, the latter being a fast growing industry.

It is important to understand that some things make us look and feel good but unfortunately they could not be that all good to the environment.

This situation calls for the need to balance, in a way that, we can still have beauty products that make humans look and feel good and at the same way have a well preserved and conserved environment.

Beauty products, beauty products waste and residues make up for a significant amount of components that congest our landfills and contaminate our water channels.

In Kenya for example, simple detergents, bar and toilet soaps have been found to be dangerous to aquatic life that is why the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has banned human activities in areas close to water channels well known as riparian areas.

Washing cars along river banks, natural and artificial water bodies is also restricted but a few unscrupulous people and companies flout the restrictions and end up dumping these beauty product wastes in water channels endangering aquatic life.

For this reason, companies dealing in production of beauty products need to embrace safe ways to obtain and dump components that make up their products without posing environmental risks.

Beauty product companies need to also observe safe manufacturing operations to ensure that the environment is not harmed even as they work towards making humans good.

Again it is not worthy to have products that make you look good but which have messed up the environment and put your life in danger.

Besides companies, consumers of these products need to be responsible at individual level by adopting proper and safe ways of dumping wastes from these products for posterity of the environment.

It could be a matter of also choosing to use few beauty products on our bodies and hair.

The reality is that the more we use more beauty products on our hair or bodies the higher the chances to pollute the environment from the mass of waste we dispose.

The more hair styling products we may choose to use at some point has an impact on the planet earth and we need to have this in mind ahead of acquiring different variety of products which play the same role.

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