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Can You Sleep In A Friend's Bedroom That Has These Beautiful Snake Model Chairs? Photos

The fear and enmity between man and snakes is an age old relationship. Christians believe this enmity and fear can be traced way back in the days if Adam and Eve inside the garden of Eden. When snake led them to disobey God, he decided to put a curse on them. Genesis 3:15 says,"He will crush your head, and you will strike his heels".

In modern day life, the majority of human beings by nature fear snakes though there is still a good number of people who don't have the fear of for snakes to the extend of even owning them in their homes as pets. Assuming that you have phidiophobia (fear for snakes), would you sleep in your friend's bedroom that is decorated by these beautiful but equally scary snake chairs all alone and in the dark? I guess your night will be full of nightmares and fear.

These are just but a few fair samples but there are many snake chairs than you can ever imagine. The kind of seats that can send shivers down the spines of all ophiophobias but put a smile on those that are lovers of snakes.

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