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Re-usable Bamboo Bottles To Replace Plastic Bottles

Climate change has possed a lot of challenges in the world with ever increasing population, expanding infrastructure and advancement in technology. One major threat that trigger Climate Change is the use of plastic bottles. Eventhough plastic pappers had been banned, the volume of plastic have increased in form of plastic bottles.

These bottles are non biodegradable hence the leading form of solid waste. When they are burnt, they release arrays of different forms of hazardous chemicals that deplete the ozone layer resulting to global warming that posses many health risks such as skin burns, miscarriages and cancers as well as lost of biodiversity, stress on acute resources. These plastic bottles block sewerage lines, destroy breeding grounds for fish too.

Therefore, an invention of bamboo bottles that are 100 per cent leak-proof is a great move by the Indian government. These bottles are completely organic and are made with durable bamboo thus can be re-used and recycled. The outer layer of these bottles is polished with a waterproof oil polish that gives it a glossy finish. Interestingly. The bottle is made with bamboo shoot and is completely organic, it keeps the water cool throughout the day even during hot times. Is this one of the finest way to save the world?

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