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Skin Care

The Funniest Creature In The World That Drinks Water Through It's Skin

The only animal in the world that drinks water through the skin is the Thorn devil or the Moloch horridus.This cool looking lizard can only be found in the sand country of Australia.What makes this creature so funny is that it can drink water through its skin.They have a microstructured skin surface with channels in between overlapping scales which enable them collect water by capillarity and passively transport it to the mouth for ingestion.

These funniest creatures have a spiny range yellow skin with a pretend second head on the back of it's neck.They lift their tail and walk along with slow,jerky mortion like a wind -up toy.They are believed to spend most of their time terrorizing ants and they eat in the cooler mornings and late afternoon.They are believed to eat more more than 2000 number of ants per day with their tube like straws between their scales helping them get a drink if water in the dry sand country.

This Moloch horridus if feel threatened,it curls it's real head between the front legs leaving the false head exposed to attack.There are so many other species but the most known and funniest is the only Thorn devil,also called the mountain devil being mostly known for its adaptability to the arid Sandy areas.Their spikes all over their bodies plays a very big role to help them adapt to the harsh climatic condition in the Australian outback.

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