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Best Poultry Management Tips

Management in poultry is very important. When you visit poultry House in the morning, this are what you are suppose to Asses.

1.The crop. Crop is a part of the digestive system in birds where foodisstored temporary. That protrude outside the chest cavity of birds. Birds which feed normally have visible crop, but incase you fine birds without visible crop its and indication that the bird has lost appetite. This is one ding of deseas infection. A farmer will therefore be able to look for proper medication.

2. Beak and tangue. Normal birds have dry beaks and moisturezed tangue. If you find that some of your birds have nosal discharge, this is an indication of and infection. Therefore farmer should be able to find a way of treating the infection.

3. Eyes. Health birds have eyes. Birds that show any sign of irritation should be given the right medication.

3.Feathers. Health birds have well groomed feathers. If you visit any poultry House and you see birds with rough coat, or standing feathers that show that birds have an infections. Also this shows that there are adverse environmental conditions that are not favourable for birds.

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