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Here Is The Most Expensive Insect In The World. You Can Be A Millionaire By Selling It

Insects make the greatest percentage of all animals on the planet. Scientists say that there are millions of different species of insects and there are many that have not yet been discovered.

Did you ever know that insects have worth just like any other thing? Yes they do and actually there is one insect that is considered to be the most expensive of all, the Stag Beetle. These insects have a market in Japan where one can go for up to $89,000.

The insect has six antennas and is sold as a pet among the Japanese. It is known for it head that is shiny and mandibles that are curly. They are rarely found but if you are lucky to catch one, then you are a lucky person.

Why is the insect considered to be expensive? Stag Beetles most of their lives live as a larva. This means that they spend most of their lives underground. Depending on the weather, they can take between three to seven years transforming from a larva to an adult.

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