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Ghastly Scene as Stray Leopard Kills More Than 10 Sheep, Injures Many More in Silibwet

Cases of human-animal conflict have always been a common occurrence in Silibwet as the area is less than two kilometres from Mau Forest.

Farmers in Silibwet are counting losses after a stray leopard invaded their farms and killed 12 sheep before sneaking away.

Residents said the attack occurred on Friday night, when they were asleep and they were awakened by the noise.

One of residents said that when he went outside, he was met with the ghastly scene of his sheep carcasses strewn all over the pen and compound.

It is alleged that children grazing sheep three days ago first spotted the wild animal at Kipngeno village near the shores of Nyangores River.

Area assistant chief said that it is suspected that the leopard crossed from Mau Forest and strayed into the area.

Locals said that they are worried of attacks as they conduct their day-to-day activities and are also worried about the safety of their children, as they go to and from home and school daily.

They called on Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to hunt the leopard down which is believed to be still roaming freely, before it caused more damage.

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