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Weird Animals Sold In West African Bushmeat Markets.

If you think that eating pork is weird, then you haven't gone to countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and Gabon, where people sell and buy bushmeat for human consumption and other reasons.

In open illegal markets, fresh bushmeat arrives almost every morning from different merchants who come with all sorts of creatures from the wild. These animals are even becoming endangered in some regions, because of overhunting.

Despite measures put in place to curb poachers, this has become a livelihood for many people in the affected countries. Many of them depend on these animals as a source of income.

All the way from reptiles like snakes and monitor lizards, to primates like monkeys and baboons, these markets are full of animals most of us would never think of eating.

1. Pangolin.

It is said to be the world's most trafficked animal in the wildlife trade, because of its variety of demands. In china, it is considered to be a luxury food whereas in Africa, it is sold for spiritual purposes and traditional medicine.

2. Baboons.

Along with monkeys, baboons are hunted for their meat and skin.

3. Snakes.

Pythons and venomous snakes, are sold for meat, skin and some drink their blood for traditional medicinal benefits.

4. Carnivorous animals.

Hyenas, racoons, crocodiles and wild dogs, just to mention a few, cannot miss in some of these markets because of their meat and skin.

5. Bats.

Mostly hunted by people in the rural areas of Ghana, Nigeria and Congo for meat and is suspected to be the cause of the ebola outbreak.

6. Rodents.

These includes rats, mice, squirrels and beavers that are hunted and sold for their meat that is believed to have much protein than regular beef or mutton.

Conclusion: The list is endless and all these animals, are hunted and sold without being inspected by a vetinary doctor. This has led to emergence of diseases like the ebola and SARS that people accidentally contract from eating them.

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