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Help me stop Global Warming. See how we can save the world.

Many people may think global warming is not a real thing. Global warming might be the end of the world as we all know it. Global warming has led to emergence of natural calamities like The earth quick in Turkey which led to many death. Such a tragic activity can be avoided if we only care for our environment and be in love with nature. After some few days, Turkey faced a wild storm which caused more distraction of buildings and more people are homeless day by day and some losing their loved ones. We pray for the country and send them as much help as we can offer. The best to do is prevent such calamities in our country. Campaigning against deforestation and encouraging afforestation is the only way forward. Proper disposal of toxic waste like plastic bags and metal scarps is the only way forward. We hope for a bright future for everyone and for the next generation. Be in the first line to save the world by disposing your waste properly. Please help me save the world.      

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Global Warming Turkey


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