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Most Beautiful Snakes In The World You Need To Know

Eastern coral snake. There are only about twenty recorded births in a year. They are usually deadly. The demand is low for research of these specific snakes since they are few. They are free before biting but if you get bitten, respiratory failure occurs within hours.

Asian vine snake. It has an extraordinary pattern to its scales. This pattern is highlighted when the snake is threatened and expands its body. When relaxed, the snake looks like a very slender green body. This is not its only defense. When they sense danger, they remain motionless. When there is a breeze, their tongue is extended for some time.

Green tree python. They may also be vibrant red, dark brown, or yellow. The species is stunning when young and going through color change. As they mature, they change color to an ancient green. 

Honduran milk snake. It is an egg-laying species. Its face color is red with bands of black yellow. Its color helps protect the snake from the potential predictors.

Brazilian rainbow boa. It has rainbow colors that show up under the light. There are nine sub-species of this type. They are large with a lot of beauty and are very popular. 

San Francisco Garter snake. It is a stunningly beautiful snake. It is a sight to hold but also exceedingly rare and endangered species remaining on earth.

Iridescent shieldtail. Only three specimens have been seen of this snake. Little is known since it is rare but very beautiful.

Red-headed krait. It inhibits false inhale and lowers elevation. Mostly found in southern Thailand. It has a bright orange head, pale body, and short reddish tail. 

Formosan odd scaled snake. It is found on the southern island of Japan. It is harmless to humans and spends its time hunting worms, frogs, and other small amphibians. When put under light, its whole body dances with color. 

Blue racer snake. They have blue reflecting from their scale. Often, you will see them in grey color and found in Mexico.

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