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If You See This On The Ground, DON'T Pick It Up It's Not A Coin

(Photo Courtesy).

Dear readers, most of the time when taking walks in the park or any other place, we often see various stuff or things on the ground and we are tempted to pick them up. However, we always have to be careful about whatever we pick using our bare hands.

This one thing is very dangerous if you try to pick it up. I admit it looks like a coin but it's not. This is a creature called a ravine trapdoor spider. It usually lives in the soil, finds food, and also hides from potential enemies[predators]. The spider is most common in Southern and Eastern Australia and also some parts of the US. (Photo Courtesy).

Why is it dangerous? This spider is venomous but a human cannot be intoxicated. Its bites are painful and may lead to swelling. So do not disturb it, just mind your own business. (Photo Courtesy).

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