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Politicians Now Making Offers to Purchase Laikipia Conservancy After Senate's 'Surrender' Request

Photo: Herders in Laikipia Nature Conservancy

The management of Laikipia Nature Conservancy while speaking to Nation Africa uncovered that some rich top politicians have began making offers to purchase Laikipia Private Nature Conservancy amid unrest in the region.

This comes days after the Senate committee responsible for Security recommended that the Conservancy be surrendered to the state after touring the area that is believed to be a bandit attack launch bad. The committee recommends that the Conservancy be handed over the the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Photo: Kuki Gallman is Nursing a Bandit Gunshot Wound

While responding to the recommendation, one of the nature's director, Mrs. Sveva, said that the committee is pointing fingers at the wrong person. She argued that KDF officers with assistance from other police units have not yet surpressed bandits and brought normalcy, how will KWS officers manage to calm the situation? Her mother Mrs. Kuki and her father Paolo Gallman purchased the 98,000 acres back in 1970s. After bringing in thousands of sheep, cows and constructing an airstrip, Paolo died in 1980 and left the conservancy in Kuki's care. Sveva and her mother have invested heavily into projects aimed at benefitting locals since then.

Uncomfirmed reports from trusted sources have confirmed that the powerful individuals want to buy the conservancy so that they can later sell it to the state at a much higher cost in the near future.

Sveva and her mother have not yet given up the land despite losing close to eighteen millions (18,000,000) as a result of bandit attacks. Bandits destroyed fences and some buildings within the conservancy.

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