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Meet Arafat Mwanyoka, Kwale Man Who Rears Snakes, Turned His Home Into A Snake Park [VIDEO]

Arafat Mwanyoka

Snake- a reptile animal that is feared by many, I mean even the mere sight of a snake can make some faint, well that’s not the case for Arafat Mwanyoka a man who hails from Kwale & rears snakes. Arafat Mwanyoka is a rare kind of man as he has changed his home into a snake park where he feeds and cares for snakes.

Speaking to Citizen TV's Lulu Hassan, Mwanyoka says he has been in love with snakes from 2002, almost two decades now and the snakes love him back, they share a mutual understanding. He begun his venture with 9 pythons which he had collected around the community in collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

After rearing the snakes, he usually releases them to either Shimba International Park or Tsavo East National Park. Arafat has experience with snakes with one look he can immediately tellif a snake is male or female, if its on heat or not, if its pregnant or if it is sick.

At first Arafat says his neighbors saw him as a mad man, but his expertise now has made them trust him with the snakes. The neighbors now embrace his venture and even allow their children to be trained on how to handle the snakes.

His wife was also scared of him at first, but now she is used to it, she has also gained confidence with the snakes. Apart from the snakes Arafat also rears other reptiles like the chameleons and geckos.

Netizens reacting to Arafat’s venture had this to say:

Watch Mwanyoka here

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