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Reason why pythons and snakes swallow their prey instead of chewing it

Pythons and snakes normally swallow their prey after killing it. The reason why they swallow is because snakes do not have any arms and hands to hold a knife or saw to cut the prey up with.

Their teeth also are not designed to cut or slice, but to hold and retain or inject venom and let go. Venom comes from modified salivary glands and begins the digestion of the prey. That is one reason that it is so toxic to larger animals when they get bitten.

Constrictors do not have venom or the hollow fangs to deliver it with. After they suffocate their prey their backward, down the throat, facing teeth help push the prey down their throat to be digested.

Snakes do not have molars or cutters like canines and cats do to either crush their food or cut it up into chunks like a wolf or lion would after they had used their big canine teeth to pull off hunks of muscle from the bone. As far as the beginning of their digestive system constrictors kinda got left with the short end of the stick, but frankly I do not think that they really care.

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