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Another Lake Found In Nyanza Region With Amazing History On How It Was Formed

By Fredrick Ameka

In Homa Bay County, Karachuonyo Constituency, there is a lake called Simbi Nyaima. It's located on the outcasts of Kendu Bay closer to the shore of Lake Victoria. Lake Simbi is actually a crater lake according to geologists. Residents confirmed that the name Simbi means the village that sank. Inquiring to know more about the history of Lake Simbi, I was hooked up to Jacob Omollo, a resident of Kendu Bay. The 76 year old man narrated where the name Simbi came from and how the lake was formed.

"The name Simbi Nyaima reminds the residents in Homa Bay about the history of a village that sank. Long ago before times of our core fathers, the village enjoyed celebrations with music, dances, food and drinks. The chief of the village was the host of every celebrations. One day the chief and the villagers were celebrating and from nowhere, a strange woman arrived seeking for a warm meal and place to have a rest. The strange woman was dressed in a dirty clothes. The chief was then informed about the strange woman and she was hoping to be welcomed but was sent away." Omollo narrated.

Explaining further, "The strange woman walked away but luckily she was welcomed by a young woman living in the same village. The young woman felt compassion and secretly welcomed her, shared food and provided a place to sleep. The stranger then promised to leave before dawn so that no one would see her. When morning came, skies still dark, she thanked the young woman a lot and warned her to leave the village. The stranger said she would send heaviest rain the village haven't experienced and no one can tell the outcome. After that she then left." Omollo said.

However, according to Omollo, a few days later it rained heavily flooding the entire village. The village sank beneath the waters and now called Lake Simbi Nyaima. Simba Nyaima is as a result of the villager's unwillingness to help strangers. The Lake and the shore together form the Lake Simbi National Sanctuary that is managed by Kenya Wildlife Service. Different birds species like Flamingos fly from other lakes to Lake Simbi. This has become a tourist attraction site for both local and international tourists.

Content created and supplied by: @fredrickameka (via Opera News )

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