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Some interesting facts about tigers

1. The tiger's tongue is hard and rough enough to a capacity of tearing one's skin to the bone. The tongue is covered with numerous small, sharp rear facing projections called papillae which help it strip feathers, fur and meat from prey.

2. Tigers have orange fur with black stripes as designs on their bodies. The black stripes are deep into their skin such that they can still be seen even after being shaved.

3. The tiger is a strong swimmer and often bathes in ponds, lakes and rivers thus keeping cool in hot day. It can cross a river up to 7 kilometres wide swimming.

4. Every tiger have a unique stripes patterns like human fingerprints, which don't match, all tigers has different stripes on their fur.

5. A tiger's intimidating roar has the power to paralyze the animal that hears it including the experienced human trainers. Their distinguished roar results from their extremely thick and well developed vocal cords.

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Content created and supplied by: Dennokithinji (via Opera News )


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