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9 Unique Animals You Have Never Seen Before

1.) Crocodile monitors. They are the only reptiles other than snakes that have forked tongue. Their tongues help them pick up scents. They are also called tree crocodiles due to their tree climbing abilities. They are found in New Guinea.

2.) Alligator snapping turtle. They have ridged shell and rough skin. They live in swamps and fresh water lakes and are considered the largest and heaviest of all snapping turtles. The biggest ever found weighed 250 pounds.

3.) Madagascar blind snake. This snake has poor vision and mainly hunt by smell. They can grow upto 1 foot long.

4.) Red spitting cobra. This snake contracts the muscles around its venom glands and spit them in defense. This cobra's venom doesn't harm a person if it falls on your skin and mouth unless it enters the eyes.

5.) Snake- neck turtle. This turtle's neck is half its total size. They are found in the wetlands and swamps. They are known as stinkers as they can launch stinky spray more than 3 feet when threatened.

6.) Pacman frog. They have round plum bodies with big stomachs and mouth. They are mainly in red ,yellow and white colors. They are usually still and not always in motion but they do have teeth though and bite.

7.) Gharial. These are unique crocodiles that use a mechanism of sensing vibrations in the water for prey rather than usual crocodiles that stalk and plunge onto their prey. Gharials have jaws with more than 100 teeth and usually prefer to stay in the waters.

8.) Pig nose turtle. This is a fresh water turtle with a long snout with two big nostrils, which allow them when in water, to breath while the rest of its body stays under water.

9.) Legless lizard. This lizard usually gets mistaken for snake. It actually lost its legs through millions of years of evolution. The differences are that a legless lizard blinks while snake doesn't even have eyelids but protect their eyes using a see through membrane. The snakes also have short tails while legless lizards don't have sharp and short tails.

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