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4 Things You Should Be Careful About If You Are Using A Flash Toilet

1. Snakes

Did you know that snakes can actually crawl through the pipes of the toilet and this can be extremely dangerous. Especially when this pipes have food remains, it is easy for snakes to be attracted to the toilet.

When there is food in the sewerage, they will feed on the food and later crawl through the pipes with an effort to look for more food. This is especially common with snakes that are found in warm regions and very rare in cold regions. In most cases however, this snakes are usually harmless but that shouldn't mean we should be careful.

2. Rats

Just like some snakes, some rats too can crawl through pipes and enter the house. Normally it is when they are looking for food. With rats, it's very common when a sewage and and garbage share the same pipe. Their flexible body makes it very possible for the to squeeze themselves up through the toilet pipe.

If you have any food remains in the house, don't make the mistake of flashing the food through the toilet. That is the easiest way to welcome this rodents in the house. Also ensure you have a separate place of disposing waste food away from the toilet sewage.

3. Spiders

Their are different breeds of spiders and the common breed that has the ability to crawl through pipes and even make their territory their is the breed called the black widow. They do this Inorder to catch flies. The other spiders can also make their webs on the toilet seat and that is why you should always be careful to check and be thorough in cleaning the toilet. Some spider species are harmless as much as they may appear to be very calm.

4. Lizards

I don't whether you've seen this bit it's very common for lizards to crawl through toilet pipes of extreme caution is not taken. Lizards like places that have water especially when looking for food. If the toilet is not clean, insects like flies will make their home there and that is what attracts lizards. Of course we know lizards are not very harmful but we definitely don't like sharing the same environment with lizards.

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