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How Roads Were Built In Libya Under The Sahara

Two thirds of the earth is covered by water but the isn't enough of fresh water, only three percent of the water is fresh and it is distributed uneventful at all,many countries have fresh water deficit that is a serious problem for them that is solved indifferent ways.

The most ambitious project was projected by Muammar Gaddafi and Lybia his impressive creation is known as "man made river".

90 percent of Lybia is covered by desert and has little to do with rainfall additionally the high temperatures make water evaporate quickly.

In the mid 1900s the Libyans were searching for oil in the Sahara but instead "The Nubian water layer"is the most known under surface fresh water in the East part of the Sahara.

The first idea of creating a giant irrigation system appeared in the 1960s but all it began in the 1980s, Muammar Gaddafi started the project,the Lybian dictator aimed at pumping water from underground and distribute it through the pipes to the countrie's North cities.

Building included wa to include 5 stages;

First stage costed almost 5 billion dollars,stage two started in 1989,it involved laying water lines to Tripoli,the largest city and countrie's capital,stage three was connecting kufrah and Benghazi the countrie's large cities together,that last two stages was to build a branch to Tobruk.

Gaddafi's project didn't get completed beacause of the conflicts and the death of the dictator

Unfortunately due to negligence and lack of technical service ,the infrastructure is being destroyed,the river is actually losing its greatness no one servicing the river no water in the named cities and definitely deserts,if the project had been completed without any obstacles the North might be the peaceful place,could have started a green movement with it's project,it could have served a major help in food scarcity in Africa and economic independence in the country.

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