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Skin Care

Albinism In Animals, 10 Rare Animals Suffering From Albino In The Wild

Albinism is caused by a defect in genes that produce or distribute melanin to the skin. This usually occurs when there is either ultimately no production of melanin or a reduction in production. You may have seen someone suffering from albino before, but are you aware that this also affects animals? Just as it is inherent in human beings, zoologists have successfully determined that animals are similar. The symptoms of albinism in these animals include;

Absence of color in the hair, skin, and eyes

The hair, eyes, and skin have a lighter color than normal

Patches of skin that has no color It is interesting how these animals have managed to survive, overcoming vision problems such as sensitivity to light and vision impairment associated with this. National Geographic reports that these albino animals are targeted by poachers hunting for exotic hides; they also face difficulty looking for mates and food. Some albino creatures have thrived because of the laws that have since continued to be enforced. To protect an albino orangutan, a non-profit organization back in 2019 bought an Island in Indonesia where organizations set up a sanctuary. Take a look at some of the images of animals facing this condition in the wild. They are such a marvel and sight to the eyes.

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