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Red Flag Raised After A Study Reveals The Hidden Danger That Is Present In Our Drinking Water

The world is facing a lot of challenges. Currently, people are battling with covid-19 pandemic. The disease has claimed many lives across the globe. Climate change is another serious challenge that is threatening human existence. Unpredictable weather patterns have complicated human activities. We are experiencing floods and drought in unexpected places. Water levels in lakes, oceans and seas are rising every day.

We are also having all forms of pollution. The World Health Organization has called for urgent research on the risks of microplastics to people's health after a study reveals that tiny fragments are found in drinking water and other food we take. The report showed that children had more microplastics in their poo than adults.

"Infants could be exposed to higher levels of microplastics through their extensive use of products such as bottles, teethers and toys," according to the researchers.

Another study that was done by Canadian researchers previously revealed that humans could be consuming more than 39000 microplastics annually. One researcher showed that phthalate pollution is causing babies to be born with small penises.

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