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Lions And Tigers Tests Covid-19 After Zookeeper Infecting Them

It is a big shock after lions and tigers in Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington America were confirmed positive for covid-19 last week. According to the Zoo’s chief veterinarian, the lions and tigers probably got COVID-19 from an asymptomatic zookeeper, and later spread to the big cat population, nine number.

"I noticed that lions and tigers were very sick and were not able to get up and eat as usual," said the zoo chief veterinarian. Last Thursday the zoo had a single animal who was little inappetence which was not that alarming but after 2 days the same happened to other big cats with development signs of lethargy, dry coughs and sneezing. That’s when things began getting quite interesting here and we started enacting other biosecurity measures.

They were tested and results showed that they were positive for covid-19 and were immediately put on medical treatment. "They are now coming back around and should be fine soon," concluded the zoo chief veterinarian.

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