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Construction Of A Poultry House

Reasons why you need a Poultry House.

1) So that your birds will be protected from any adverse climatic condition.

2) When you have a poultry house you are in a good position to control diseases.

3) You will be able to supervise your flock.

4) So that you can have easy and also economic operation.

How to select a location of your poultry house.

1) Your Poultry House should be away from any residential or industrial area.

2) Should have a proper road facilities.

3) Basic elements like water and electricity should be available in that area.

4) The farm laborers should be available and they should be offering cheaper wages.

5) The house should be properly ventilated.

6) A place that is high and there will be no water logging.

The layout of your Poultry Farm.

In a small size poultry, it does not require any special layout.

1) Visitors who come to visit your farm should not be allowed inside and also vehicles from outside should not go close to the birds house.

2) The sheds of the house should be located in such a way that fresh air passes through the brooder, then the grower and finally to the layers shed. This will help you to prevent spread of diseases.

3) The egg room, the office room and also the feed store should be located near the entrance of the farm so that you can minimize movement of people in and out of the farm.

4) The disposal pit and also the sick room should be constructed at the extreme end of the farm.

Types of Poultry Houses.

1) Brooder or chick house - The house is used to rear chocks from 0 - 8 weeks.

2) Grower house - Used to rear birds that are from 9 weeks old to 18 Weeks old.

3) Layer house - As the name suggests it is used to rear layer birds that are 18 weeks of age to 72 weeks of age.

4) Broiler house - Broilers are reared upto 6 weeks of age.

5) Breeder House - male and female breeders are kept at approximate sex ratio.

The following are the optimal environmental conditions of rearing Broilers.

Relative humidity should be 30-60 per cent.

Temperature should 22 - 30 Degree Celsius.

Ammonia levels should be less than 25 ppm.

The Litter moisture Should be 15 - 35 per cent.

Air flow should always be 10-30 meters per minute.

House direction - long axis should be East - West direction do that you can prevent direct sunlight to your flock.

Size - Broilers should have one squared feet in the floor, layers should have two squared feet floor so the size of your house should depend on the birds you rear.

Length - Depending on the availability of your land it can be of any size.

Height - Foundation to the roof line should be 6 to 7 feet height and at the center should be 10 - 12 feet.

Foundation - You need to have a good foundation so that you can prevent seepage of water into poultry shed. The foundation should be concrete with only 1 to 1.5 feet above the ground.

Floor - Made of concrete that have rat proof devices and they are free from dampness. Ensure that the floor is 1.5 feet outside the wall of the house on all sides and you will prevent rat and snakes problems.

Doors - The door should be opening from outside in case of a deep litter. The size should be 6 × 25 feet. Outside a foot bath should be constructed and always filled with disinfectant.

Side Walls - If you have a cage there is no need of side walls.The side wall should be 1 - 1.5 feet height and also the generally the level of back of the height.

Roof - It can be thatched , tiled, concrete depending on the cost of your area.

Over hang - The roof should always be less than 3.5 feet so that rain will not enter the poultry house.

Lighting - Should be 7.8 feet above the ground level and if you are using fluorescent lights it should at intervals of 15 feet.

Factors that Affect Poultry housing.

1) Availability of land.

2) Cost of land.

3) Type of Farming activities in your area.

4) The climatic conditions in your area.

5) Labour availability in your areas.

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