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Maina Kageni's Photos Sparks Mixed Reactions Online

The stuffed lion at Lake Bogoria Spa Resort has an interesting tale I was told about today. About 25 years ago, the lone beast roamed somewhere in Laikipia and fed on livestock, much to the displeasure of the area residents. However, it didn't attack or kill any humans.

Thereafter, KWS was dispatched to deal with the carnivore which they did using a dart to the neck, leaving a scar that is still visible when you see the statue. Legend has it that this is a different species of Lion that is only found towards the north of the Equator.

There hasn't been spotted a similar species anywhere near the area and nobody knows where it came from or whether its siblings are out there. Maybe it came from North Africa and roamed for a while and found itself in Kenya.

Many people were wowed by the amazing story behind the lion.

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