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The Most Unique Of Animals In The World You Probably Don't Know & Where They Are Found; See Photos

Recent statistics have revealed that there ar UpTo 3 million different animal species in the world.These different animal species have got different features and very unique. Take a look at some of the most unique animals in the world:

1. The Red lipped bat fish

This remains to be one of the strangest looking fishes in the world and the red lips can be noticed from a far. There have been many theories about the red lips with many thinking they are meant to attract the female species of their kind.

2. The purple frog

What's more surprising about this frog species is that only a few are remaining. There are approximately 130 specie remaining of this type of frogs. It is said that only 3 are females out of 130 species. The purple frogs are only found in India.

3. The Golden poison dart frog

This is one of the most most beautifully coloured frogs just as the name suggests. It's also considered one of the most poisonous snakes in the world.

4. The Satanic leaf gecko

The bizarre appearance of this particular creature us what got. The creature got its name and it cannot be differentiated from a dry leaf. The creature is found in the Island of Madagascar.

5. The thorny devil

The animal is of the reptile family and can actually send cold shivers from the first sight of it. It's common in Australia.

6. The Blue parrot fishThis is one of the rarest of fishes in the world. It's colour is very spectacular and it's mainly in the Atlantic ocean.

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