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The Strangest African "2-Toed" Tribe Where Marriage Is Forbidden To Other Tribes

The Vadoma tribe also referred to as Doma or Dema is the only non-agricultural society in Zimbabwe whose main economic activity is hunting and gathering. They are located on the Kanyemba region around the basins of a tributary of the Zambezi River Valley. According to their beliefs, their ancestors allegedly emerged from a baobab tree and walked upright to hunt and gather fruits.

They are famous for having only two toes which is genetically inherited and affects only the feet of one in four children within their population. Their middle three toes are missing and the two outer ones are curved in which enables them to climb trees better and faster.

The members of this tribe are forbidden to marry to members outside the group as it is against the law and they doesn't wish to spread their unique "two-toe" or "ostrich-footed" genes to other tribes.

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Dema Doma Kanyemba Vadoma


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