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The deadliest lake in the world

Lake Nyos is definitely the deadliest lake in the world and is located in Cameroon’s Northwest RegionIt is a crater lake that lies along the Cameroon line of volcanic activity. Since the lake sits on a pocket of magma, the waters of the lake is highly acidic due to the carbon-dioxide spewed into the waters from the magma layer below.

Although Lake Nyos lies within an extinct volcano magma still flows beneath it. The carbon dioxide leaking through the earth from the magma layers first dissolve in the natural springs around the lake and then finally mix with the lake waters to produce carbonic acid.

Nearly 90 million tons of carbon dioxide is charged into the waters of the lake from the magma layer. A natural dam made of volcanic rocks holds the waters of the lake in place. The wall is 130 feet high and 148 feet wide.

People have lost lives especially herders in the early years for just going close to the lake. What do you think. Share your thoughts views opinions and experiences in the comments section below. Don't forget to like follow and share.

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