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World Facts: Here Is the Only Country In the World that Has no Mosquitos, Snakes and Spiders

We all agree to the fact that malaria is the most common cause of death in the world. We have lost many friends and loved ones to this disease that is transmitted via the mosquito. Yesterday, I had a restless night and the main reason was due to stubborn mosquitos in my house. They couldn't let me grasp some sleep hence I woke up and thought of this article. Did you know there is a country in the world that lacks mosquitos? Iceland is the place to be.

It is estimated that the world has over 3000 species of mosquitos. However, mosquitos are not found in Iceland although they are common in the neighboring countries. Iceland's climate changes so frequently that mosquitos do not have enough time to undergo a complete lifecycle. A pupa cannot develop properly when ice covers the pods and temperatures keep on fluctuating.

Iceland is also not inhabited by dangerous snakes, spiders, and ticks. This literally means that you can comfortably sleep outside without any bother. This is due to the presence of climatic conditions that do not support the life of these species.

However, it is predicted that in the near future, the situation might change and mosquitos might be found in Iceland. This is due to the changing weather patterns and global warming. Thanks for reading.

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