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Veterinary Practitioners Perturbed With The Ongoing Political Talks Likely To Cause Harm On Animals


The kenya union veterinary practitioners are perturbed by the ongoing political talks likely to cause harm on animals such as dogs, hyenas and snakes in the country "The Union of Veterinary Practitioners of Kenya (UVPK) is perturbed at the level of political talk that is likely to cause harm to animals,” Dr. Mulembani.

According to them, such influences can lead to the extinction of the species and increase in pandemics in the country and though considered to bring a huge income according to roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah, it goes against the rights of both domestic and wild animals "Furthermore, Prof. Wajackoya proposal to trade in snakes and hyena testicles is a recipe for another pandemic owing to spill over of viruses, bacteria and parasites from hyenas and snakes in the wild to human beings,” Dr. Mulembani

While speaking about his manifesto and plans to revive the economy and clear debts accumulated, Wajackoyah has laid down into details the cost of selling poison emitted by snakes, weed plant best known as marijuana or bhang, dogs meat as well as hyena testicles which he believes to be having a good exports market with a huge amount and demand.

The veterinary union has however promised to see that the animals in the country are protected .

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