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Mind Blowing Facts About Bees That You Need To Know About

•Apitherapy is an alternative medicine practice that uses bee products to treat and prevent illnesses and pain.Bee sting is used as it has major health benefits such as easing the pain that is caused by arthritis.

•A single bee normally produces about a teaspoon of honey which is about 5grams in her lifetime.

•Bees normally mate high in the sky. Afterwards,the male bee normally loses loses his reproductive organs and dies.

•Male bees also known as drones usually have bigger.This helps them in finding the queen bee.

•Only female bees sting and they tend to die afterwards.The male bees are not able to sting.

•The Queen bee is capable of producing 2000 eggs per day.The eggs that get fertilized become females and the unfertilized eggs become male.

•There are over 20,000 different species of bees and they are found in every continent.

•The flavour of honey is highly dependent on the type of flower that the bees take their nectar from.

•The bee is the only social insect to be partially domesticated by human beings.

•Honey is normally 80% sugar and 20% water.

•Bees that produce honey are scientifically known as Apis Mellifera.They are environmentally friendly and very important as pollinators.

•Bees are the only insects that produce food eaten by man.

•Bees are the second most scientifically studied creatures in the world after human beings.

•Bees that produce honey usually have hairy eyes.

•Bees' antennae tend to be highly sensitive and are essential for tasting things.The antennae tips have more than 300 taste sensors.

•Bees normally communicate with each other through pheromones that are usually passed through feeding.This is known as 'trophallaxis'.

•All worker bees are actually female.Worker bees work in bringing the queen bee food and nectar during its reproductive process.

•Bees actually have a strong sense of smell.

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Apis Mellifera.They Queen


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