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All about rabbit rearing and rabbit meat for human consumption

A a rabbit is a mammal,a pet,which stays in homestead with people.There are several types of rabbits depending on the breed and type .

In most cases,they eat vegetation including vegetables, beans,maize ,blackjack among others.During feeding, they tend to avoid certain foods too since they might be poisonous.

Like any other animals,they produce white meat which is rich in proteins with less fats.other animals with white meat includes poultry,fish ,pig among others.

The following is a picture that shows prepared rabbit meat

it can be boiled or roasted before eating leaving the carnivore healthy and free from illnesses.

Despite it's small shape,it has plenty of meat that can be fed by the whole family. Its a rare diet since not all people can afford to purchase rabbit meat and they are not readily available in the market compared to other meat animals such as cows,pigs,chicken,goats and sheep.

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