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Farmers, here are tips to make your hen hatch all the eggs

The most critical consideration is how you handle your eggs. The way you handle and store your eggs is critical; always wash and dry your hands.

If you're providing fresh eggs to your broody hen, ensure they're fresh. Fresh eggs are ones that have hatched within seven days of being deposited.

Provide the best brooding material for your broody hen, whether it's light feathers or even young grass, to ensure that she and her eggs are as comfortable as possible.

When keeping the eggs, ensure that the pointed end faces above and the round end faces below.

When you set your brooding hen on day one of brooding, allow it two days of brooding before releasing it, providing sufficient food and water for the body to produce heat for brooding.

Please remove the shells as soon as the hen begins hatching the eggs to allow the remaining babies to hatch.

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