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Dangerous Diseases Associated With Pigeons And Why You Should Reconsider Having Them Around

Pigeon farming in Kenya :photo courtesy

In many countries, pigeons are kept as pets while some communities especially in Africa consider them as a protein supplement. In Europe however not everyone appreciates their presence with some considering them as carriers of pathogens capable of spreading harmful diseases. This poses the question :should we keep pigeons around our homes?

Medically speaking, research has established that pigeons indeed carry a significant number of pathogens that are responsible for causing ailments. They number around sixty and can seriously harm humans.pigeons droppings are the source of this pathogens. When these droppings dry up,they become Powderly hence inhaled causing this diseases

Unfortunately, the rumors are true. Pigeons carry a surprising number of pathogens that spread diseases — more than 60 varieties — but it is extremely rare that any of these are fatal to humans. Here is a summary of diseases associated with pigeons droppings.

1) E. coli- This happens when bird droppings land in water or food supply and afterwards consumed by humans. This can be avoided by washing food before eating. Symptoms are nausea, fever and abdominal cramps.

2) St. Louis encephalitis-This dangerous disease is spread by mosquitoes after feeding on a bird that carries the pathogen that spreads St. Louis encephalitis disease . This is characterized by inflammation of the nervous system and is dangerous to all age groups. Signs and Symptoms include drowsiness, headache and high fever.

3) Histoplasmosis-This disease occurs because of a fungus germinating in pigeon droppings and can can sometimes be fatal.

4) Candidiasis-This respiratory disease is caused by a fungus or yeast found in a pigeon droppings. The parts affected are skin, mouth, respiratory system, the intestines and urogenital tract, especially in women.

5) Salmonellosis-This disease is commonly referred to as "food poisoning" and is believed to spread via infected droppings turning into powder and contaminating food and food before to consumption.

Pigeons are also carriers of , fleas, West Nile virus and mites all of which can cause significant discomfort and posing serious health issues in humans beings. For all the above reasons, it's clear that having the above birds is clearly endangering your own life.

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