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5 Bugs That Are Harmful To Human Kind.


Their colour varies from red to brown or black.They mainly attach themselves in places such as the armpit where they can feed with minimal disturbance.They can transmitt diseases such as colorado tick fever and anaplasmosis.

2.Itch Mite.

The adult female itch mite can burrow under top layer of the skin and they can lay eggs undetected.They are spread by skin contact by a individuals who have them in their skin.The disease caused by this bug is scabies.


They live below dirt and sand.They cause tungiasis infection and they can also lead to other infections such as tetanus.

4.Screw Worm.

They attach to the human skin by sticking directly to open wounds.Infestation by these worms is called Myiasis that causes a lump on skin.These lumps can become irritative and infected.


They live and reproduce in the skin surface.They lay their eggs just beneath the skin.They cause itchy rashes when they bite the skin.They can transmitt typhus disease.

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