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Meet The Tribe In Brazil That Eats Dead People's Body

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When it comes to eating, endocannibalism refers to the behavior of the body in the same tribal group or location. Although, in this article, it is the behavior of a South American population, where endocannibalism has been practiced in the past. They commemorate their forefathers' deaths.

Endocannibalism was a common practice among the Wari people in western Brazil. The bodies of the other Wari people were always devoured in a mortuary. Refusing the practice, on the other hand, would be detrimental to the rest of the family.

In a show of sadness, Yanomamo eats the skeletons of its burned forefathers. Traditionally, these actions have been attributed to a craving for protein or even other foods.

The indigenous populations listed below are resistive to western influence and want to keep their traditions. The Yanomani is a naturalized tribe that believes that a man's spirit must be preserved even after his life has ended.

They believe that the dead can only rest in peace once family members have roasted and consumed the body.

What are your thoughts about this tribe that consumes dead people's body?

Which other tribe do you know that consume people's dead body?

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