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What Made 4 Year Old Boy Survive In Tsavo Wilderness For 6 Days Despite Dangerous Wild Animals

A four year old has survived in Tsavo national park for sic days without being attracked by wild animals, however he has been saved by one of the game reserves.

According to the reliable source, what made the boy survive is the heavy rainfall which enabled the child to remain hydrated as he continued walking in the wilderness alone. He was later on rescued by as pilot who was in search of him after it was reported of his whereabouts.

"In the absence of fresh tracks and a general area to narrow down the search, nothing more could be done from the air," the pilot wrote.

In addition to his search that wasn't easy from the air, the pilot narrowed down and it's when he saw him as he was alerted by the area chief of footprints that had been spotted 15 kilometers from the village where he lived. The pilot moved on swiftly in search of the boy who spent cold night in the wilderness alone as he was successful found and us currently receiving treatment in the hospital.


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