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KWS Officers Bump Into Poachers Who Were In A Mission Of Poaching

Kenya Wildlife Service Kenya Wildlife Services rangers opened fire on Tuesday, December 20 after suspected poachers tried to escape their net.Kenya Wildlife Services officers attacked hunters targeting migrant animals in the area of ​​El Maow, Wajir East.

According to a statement sent to the Kenya Wildlife Services newsroom, police officers arrested poachers who set traps for horned animals such as elephants and giraffe.According to Kenya Wildlife Services Corporation, one poacher was injured during the shooting, while two others escaped under heavy fire.

Information about poachers was shared by residents of the El Maow area who reported hearing gunshots in the neighborhood at 8:00 a.m., after which rangers were dispatched to the site.Kenya Wildlife Services Communications said the police have also recovered some items that will be used as evidence against the suspect.

"A joint team of the Kenya Wildlife Services and the National Police raided the place and found Caribean guns, mobile phones, swords, live ammunition and cartridges of various calibres," he said.

The poachers have killed an giraffe and began to lose their hides when they were ambushed by rangers."An adult giraffe was killed by poachers and a partial skin was found.Meanwhile, the Kenya Wildlife Services veterinarian will conduct an examination of the dead body of giraffe," he said.

Members of the public are being urged to refrain from engaging in the illegal meat trade as it is not only illegal but also exposes traders and consumers to deadly zoonotic diseases such as anthrax and coronavirus.In a previous statement, Kenya Wildlife Services also warned against poaching wildlife and illegal eating of sardines.

This is due to the decline of several animal species in the Shimba Hills National Reserve, home to elephants, anteaters, buffaloes, baboons, monkeys, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and more than 100 birds.

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