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7 Peculiar Facts About Animals That Not Even Zoologists Know

Crows and pigeons can remember people’s faces

Pigeons, crows, and ravens have the ability to recognize people and remember their faces. These birds might also show resentment and anger toward people who were aggressive with them.

Cows are more dangerous than sharks

Every year cows are reported to kill more people than sharks and according to the Centers for Disease Control ‘WONDER’ Database and International Shark Attack File, from 2001 to 2013, cows killed 60 people in the US, on the other hand sharks only killed one person per year. We should probably be more afraid of cows than we are of sharks.

Jaguars can bite through a turtle shell

Jaguars takes 3rd place among mammals when it comes to their bite force (lions and tigers occupied 1st and the 2nd place). Their teeth are so long and their jaws are so strong which gives them the ability to bite through a turtle shell or a cow’s skull.

Elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror

This means that they have a certain level of self-awareness that was also shown by monkeys and dolphins.

Scotch tape can keep an alligator’s mouth shut

This reptile is know to have the strongest jaw muscles that they can close with the force of a fast-driving truck. However, despite the very high compression force of their jaws, the muscles responsible for the opening of the mouth are so weak that alligators’ mouths can be kept closed with just the help of your hands, scotch tape, or even a rubber band.

Cows can have best friends

This domestic animal may have friendly relationships with some other cows from their herd. And they experience less stress when they spend time with their friends. But if they get separated and placed in different groups, the cows may start to suffer from a high level of stress. After some time, they lose their friendly connections and are unable to restore them, even after they are reunited.

A bear can actually run faster than a horse

Most st of you can believe this fact, but bears are really capable of outrunning a racehorse. Though they are able to do it only in short distances, because they have very little endurance.

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