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Laikipia Herders Open Up On What Influences Them Fight Every Time To Acquire By Force

Laikipia residents are now enjoying the cool and peaceful environment after heavy war that stormed the region. This has now given them a chance to freely interact with people who want to know more about the skirmishes. Speaking to Nation journalists, the herders opened up and revealed what usually causes the war among them.

This is something that may make them never stop fighting because whenever it is scarce, the always look for it by force from neighbors. The herders said that pasture and water is the basic cause of their rivalries. They said that whenever they don't have pasture, they are always forced to look for it somewhere ending up in illegalized crop farms and water sources.

When the owners fight them for invading their resources, they always resolve to engage in war so that they can be feared and allowed to use it. The herders said that no one is ever willing to see his animal starving when he can easily find pasture and water somewhere else.

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